onsdag 20 januari 2010

The travelling papers!

I've thought about this and finally come around to it now...

Swapping patterned papers! Do you wanna join?

If I put together some paper from my stash size 6x6" (15x15 cm), well the paper not my stash hehe and send it in an envelope to the first person on the list (what list? you say. Hang on, I'll come to that) that person could pick out the paper or papers she wanted, add paper from her own stash in correlation to the amount she took out (you take three papers, you add three papers) and send the envelope to the next person on the list.

That could be awesome! An opportunity to see some new papers and clean up in your own stash at the same time :).

If you are interested in being on the sending list of the travelling papers you send me a mail with your address.
I'll make a numbered address list and enclose it, when the envelope comes to you you just take out the papers you want and replace with other papers and send the envelope on to the person under your name on the list.
The last name on the list will be me, cause I wanna join too ;)

It will only cost you a stamp, you up for it? Then mail your address to mummylade@gmail.com before Monday the 25th.

4 kommentarer:

SweetnCrafty Gal sa...

id love to join hun! i'll email you my new address xx

Mina sa...

Im up for this...great idea
Mina xxx

vikkithescrapjunkie sa...

Oooh Helene this is a fab idea i would love to join please so im off to email you now xxx

SweetnCrafty Gal sa...

hiya hun, yep i've asked jan and she'd love to take part too hun xx