måndag 25 januari 2010

Blog award

Got this delicious award from the person I just saluted in my last post :), my lovely DT mum Susie Sugar. I know that referring to age like that will render me a total bashing but it is the commonly used phrase... isn't it? ;) At least it is where I come from ;)

And if it isn't, at least I will have made Vikki's day now hehe

Anyway, rules attached: List 10 things that make you happy,try to do at least one of them today, and tag 3 bloggers that brighten your day.
Ok, here we go:
1. My hubby Chris who is now in Stockholm only Mondays to Thursdays (I don't have to cook on Fridays, lalalalala)
2. My adorable daughters who keep me from getting old and boring.
3. My mum - the ultimate stain remover ;)
4. My bestest friend Anna-Carin, no explanations needed
5. Logging in on my blog to see I have comments makes me happy
6. Finding craft supplies in the post brightens my day
7. Getting new achievements in World of Warcraft is a boost
8. Students finally getting it and learning more than I could ever hope for almost makes me cry
9. Music by Michael Bublé
10. I got in to my old jeans this morning ;)

Now three that brighten my day... ooooooh! Well, it has to be Mina, Debby and Carol J cause their lovely and cheerful comments are addictive as sugar.

7 kommentarer:

Susie Sugar sa...

You are most welcome Helene and you can call me mum if you want but that would make Nicola your grandma and Vikki your sister if you have been following our theads yesterday and today !! lol
I suppose if we have a blog song it should be Sister Sledge " we are family !!" lol
Hugs Mum xx

Mina sa...

aaaaahhhhhh thank you so much Helena that is so thoughtful of you
Mina xxx

Caroljenks sa...

Thank you so much for passing this award on to me Helene, I'm touched :)

I just love to visit your blog - the peices you produce have me in awe!

I will claim my award and add it to my blog tonight after that dreaded 'w' word .........work :(

Carol x

debby4000 sa...

AWWW thanks for my award.

Kimmi sa...

I've managed to get this award too and sent it back your way, but dont worry bout forwarding it, unless you have 10 special people again to give to again hehe!!


Kimmi xx

Kylie sa...

Mmmm, Michael Buble... drooling!
My daughter is into WOW. She always calls out when she's reached a new level. lol. Congrats on your award and also getting into your old jeans! Great start to your day.

Kylie ox

Mina sa...

oh wow thank you Helena for thinking of me
Mina xxx