Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Free sayings to light up the day

I noticed these sayings on signs in a shop in town and found them absolutely wonderful. But why buy some rather ugly and dull finished product when I could do my own digital versions and make my own signs.

Hopefully I'll come around to that... So I'm posting the sayings here cause
A: I won't lose them
B: you can remind me of actually doing them and
C: maybe they will come in handy for someone and I can get inspiration for free =)

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  1. I got the "Smile" sentiment. Thanks!

  2. Love the "smile", it's so true !!! lol

    Hugs, sandra xx

  3. LOL you made me smile Helene ....not something I'm doing much these days while waiting for this darn house to be finished
    Thanks darling xx


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Hugs Helene