Sunday, 20 February 2011

Distress ink storage

got a tip from Jen about foam board for copic storage. I don't do copics but I have my distress ink pads that usually are all over the place so I decide to have a go at a distress ink storage thingy. Got myself some foam board from a local craft store - Konstnärsshopen here in Umea - and got my craft knife and glue gun out. I was really surprised to find how easy it was to work with and how sturdy it is. Now I have all my ink pads together with their respective foam pad, in alphabetical order - yey I'm organized

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  1. Wow Helene, this looks awesome. I wish I had this much space to organise my stuff!!
    Dawn xx

  2. Oh Mrs...I'm a bit breathless and jealous,....and possibly a teeny bit scared - alphabetical?!!!

  3. love this storage!!! so handy!! thanks for sharing!x

  4. This is marvellous, I would love one, what a fab job Helene.
    Happy crafting
    Tracy x

  5. oh wow this is brilliant...I want should put them into production Helene
    Mina xxx


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