Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Tearing down the place

We've hired a carpenter this Thursday (a friend of my sister's) to come and chop down a wall between the livingroom and the guest room to create a bigger living room where I can have a dining table.

Of course the rooms have different floor and different wallpaper so I will have to redo all of it - including painting the ceiling, mending and painting all walls, putting in new floor, and figure out what to do with the wardrobe in the guestroom that will become a wardrobe in the living room...

Right now all the furniture - and the wee one's most precious item (the TV) is stacked upp randomly in a corner. God only knows for how long... I pulled out all the cables from the TV, the digital box, the Wii, the DVD and now I can't put them back together. Are you surprised? I'm not. The little one will be bananas and we can't fix it until daddy comes home on Thursday evening.
Wish me luck!

This is home, crappy home right now =)


Biscuitlid said...

oooh before photos and soon after ones too! your house is much nicer than mine!!

Janette said...

Oh but think how fab it will be after all the mess has vanished....x

Chris Olsen, Glowbug said...

So much work!I know how you feel,I hate messes too!