Saturday, 20 August 2011

Showing my space - in all its chaotic splendor =)

I know I should wait for WoywW but this isn't just my desk, it's my entire craft space. I'd love to have an all white room with shelves and cupboards from IKEA but until that day this is what I have =). I love to look at other people's places to get ideas on what to improve around here so if you're up for it, show your space regardless of how it looks. Women has a tendency to be very self-conscious and go "oh, no, I'll have to clean up first"... does it look like I've cleaned the place? Nah!

Nr 1 here I collect all paper scraps sorted by colour so it's easy to find a small piece when needed.

Nr 2 here are my stamps in CD-cases. Wooded ones in the white top drawer.

Nr 3 all my flowers in plastic boxes

Nr 4 two computer screens cause I'm a total geek. I can play WoW and check my blog at the same time ;)
Nr 5 my Distress Ink-storage with the pads fastened with velcro on home-made wooden cubes. They used to be sorted alfabetically, that's all over now =)

Nr 6 my beloved daylight lamp. How did I craft without it?

Nr 7 my home-made light tent that I use to take all the photos

Nr 8 my paper storage. I bought two old post sorting shelves and just put simple extra shelves to get two paper packs on each shelf. It's hidious but functional =).

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Stephi said...

kul å se din hörna!

San said...

Spela WoW och scrappa samtidigt... Vilket himmelrike! ;) Synd att min scraphörna och datorn står i helt olika rum...

Åsa/asamia said...

WOW, vilket fint rum! Jag ser kreativiteten blomstra härinne ;0) Skönt med ett "inte så välstädat" rum, så är det hos mig med ;0)
TACK för titten!

MezzaNotte said...

härligt rum! Gillar att du har två data skärmar ;) Kram Katja