Monday, 3 May 2010

What is this???

Friday evening when we got home - rather late, rather happy - I opened the patio door to let our old cat Oscar in. He dashed in and just as he took the curve to run down the stairs to the basement I saw something dangling from his mouth.

My instant thought was WTF? Oscar does NOT kill and bring home stuff. Saga does, but not Oscar. I did what all sensible women do in these situations - I yelled for my husband ;), pointed to the basement and said that Oscar took something in, something nastingly big...

Of course he was hiding under the bed (Oscar, not my hubby, wouldn't that have been awkward...) in the elder daughter's bedroom (thank god she wasn't home) and after a bit of a struggle (read yelling and growling and tugging and cursing) Chris got hold of it and we just eyeballed it . We couldn't for the life of us figure out what the heck it was!

It's like a guinea pig with a rat tail, the eewwh factor is huge I say! I haven't got a clue what it is, lets just hope he hasn't killed someones exotic pet, that would be a bummer...


Penni said...

OMG its enormous, but I've no idea what it is. I don't think it is a rat as its nose looks too short. Whatever it is it doesn't look very nice, I'm sure it cannot have been a pet, surely nobody would want to keep one of these. Maybe it's a new species of rodent that Oscar has discovered LOL!!!

Hope you find out what it is - or should I say was !!!!


Lotta said...

Ser ut som en bisamråtta om boken jag kollade i stämmer, den är i och för sig från 1975 så jag kan ha helt fel, lite skillnad på foton och målade bilder. :-)

Kimmi said...

It looks like a Gopher?!?!? But I think Gophers have a bushier tail. Urm - I'm not sure! Check out this link. It may well be a Gopher lol!

Maybe a gopher


kuya said...

I wonder if that could be a muskrat?

Wipso said...

It looks like a water vole to me. Difficult to be sure though cos I can't tell how big it is.
A x

Lauren Hatwell said...

I think it might be a Coypu Helene. Lauren x

Susie Sugar said...

OMG !!! Yuck is my first thought !!!
Woody reckons its Alvin from "Alvin and the chipmunks" well if Alvins not on TV anymore with his annoying singing voice we'll know your cat has saved our ears !!! lol

Tracy said...

Google water vole in google images and you'll find it's a Water Vole.
Wouldn't like my cat bringing one home, not dead one anyway.
Happy crafting
Tracy x

Caroljenks said...

PMSL at Penni's 'can't be a pet' theory and Susie Sugar's Alvin!!!

To be honest I have no idea what it might be - Hopefully tho it's something that we don't get in South Wales, UK!

Carol x

Julia Dunnit said...

Aaaagghhh! Thank goodness your husband was home!! Can't identify it though, sorry!

Tonje said...

OMG, that thing is enormous! And your cat was carrying that in his mouth? By the way, how BIG is your cat?? lol

I am very happy me cat sticks to birds or fact I am not, since they have a right to live too.

I have been googling around and found out that it looks a lot like a muskrat to me. Have a great day!

Spyder said...

Well, if you're near a river or even a very big pond, it must be a water vole. Thye look real cute when swimming, but out of the water and dangling!! eeek! (Luckily,my Frog the Cat would run and hide!)