Thursday, 15 April 2010


Sorry for not having left any comments on your blogs today, but I can't really focus. Hubby, who works in Stockholm weekdays, was booked on a flight home tomorrow morning... Are there any flights Stockholm - Umeå tomorrow? Nope!

And we have planned to put in new floor in the living room this weekend, paint the walls, move the furniture and record a song for my sister who has turned 40 and is having her big party Saturday. Life is good! He said he might rent a car to get home, let's just hope that works out...

A Volcano eruption on Iceland cancelling all flights to Umeå, what are the odds on that?


Rach said...

Hope that your hubby can get his way home...xx

Nancy said...

AWWW hele fly traffikken her i Norge er stoppet. Håper mannen din får seg en bil og får kjørt den laaaaaaange veien opp til Umeå, poor guy:OI Vi var i Piteå sommeren 2008, og vi kjørte fra Stavanger, Norge, til Stockholm, og fløy opp. Det er langt opp til dere, håper du får han hjem;O)
Krysser fingrene for deg.
Klemmer fra Nancy;O)

Kimmi said...

Hi Hun. Flights all over the world have been grounded. Flights from the USA have been grounded as they can not fly over or near to the Ash Clouds over Europe. Our friend is stranded in Amsterdam at the moment. We are hoping she gets out soon!

Kimmi x

p.s. hope your hubby gets back to you safely! xx

debby4000 said...

Oh I do hope he gets home. The sun is shining here and it doesn't seem real that somewhere above is full volcanic dust.

Biscuitlid said...

hope Hubby gets home soon Helene

Kate's Makes said...

Hope he can get home soon Helene! I have friends and family stuck waiting for flights too! xx

Kathy said...

I hope he gets home soon, there haven't been any flights in or out of the UK for days now. Where we live is pretty quiet, but we sometimes get flights going over on their way to/from Luton airport so it's been even quieter here the last few days

Cardarian said...

Sorry to hear the volcano has disrupted your life like that! Still I hope your hubby made it home!
I am planning a trip to UK next Monday so I worry about that too!