Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Confusing names

it might be the fever raging but I've become annoyed with the duality of the names here on the blog. Pysselfröken is a very Swedish name - not available as a blog name btw - and without the Ö the word makes absolutely no sense whatsoever, well in English it's just gibberish anyway, hence the chosen nick of Mummylade for blog name. But all comments and such in the blogworld are signed Pysselfröken...
Enough I say! Since I write all posts in English anyway (since I'm too lazy to write everything twice) I might as well have a nick that people understand, therefor I've changed nickname and mailaddress and all, so if I've messed up in any way, shape or form and can't ever log back in to the blog again you'll know why.

Signing off for a hot cup of tea now, fingers crossed that Blogger doesn't go bonkers on my next login attempt, and yes, I will change the header ... soon... ;)

1 comment:

Hozzan said...

Tack för att du följer min blogg och vilken fin blogg du har själv. Me like!
Ha en bra dag¨