Sunday, 4 April 2010

Buying a cutting machine?

I've thought about buying a cutting machine but I have no idea which one is the best? Silhouette or Cricut or is there another one to bear in mind?

Any suggestions?


Fleur said...

Hi I got a cricut which is fab, but Sizzix are bringing out a machine which looks fab x

Gunn (Merete) said...

Jeg har en silhouette SD og jeg elsker den maskinen. Det som er så flott er at man slipper å kjøpe kassetter og kan laste ned fra nett og man finner mye fint der. Vil man ha maskinen med på treff, kan man laste det man vil kutte ut over på minnebrikke og ta med. Trenger ikke å være koblet til nettet da. Men, da kan man ikke forandre på det man vil kutte. Jeg har bare hatt denne maskinen og det som gjorde at jeg kjøpte denne var at jeg slipper å kjøpe kassetter med motiver, hvor jeg kansje bare likte ett eller to motiver. Men dette er nå bare min erfaring. Vi er heldigvis forskjellig. Lykke til med valg av maskin.
Gunn :-D

Cheryl said...

I love my Cricut Expression with Sure Cuts A Lot (SCAL) software. There are so many free templates for boxes and fancy cards available on the web.

Gunn (Merete) said...

This is not a simple decition. I love my silhouette,because there is so many great things one can download and cut. One doesn`t need to buy a hole cardrigde if there is just one image one want.
But then again, we are differnt and like differnt things. So I just want to say good luck with your buy.
Gunn :-D

Penni said...

A very difficult choice. I have a Silhouette SD. I love it as you don't have to buy a cartridge with designs that you may not use. You can download individual designs from the Website for a small price.

Hope this helps.


Mina said...

I dont have one and have never needed one I will just stick with my trusty teeny scissors Helene lol
Mina xxx