Sunday, 31 January 2010

My lightbox

Got some questions about my home made light box so I thought I'd show you what it looks like.

I took an ordinary cardboard box and cut open the sides and the roof. There are several DIY light boxes on the net saying to cover the sides with white paper. I didn't have any white paper thin and large enough for this so I took a thin white fabric. I can choose if I want the easel to be visual or covered with the roof fabric or if I just want the card placed alone in the box. I used two regular spotlights (with low energy lights cause they are whiter than ordinary light bulbs) and I just place them on the outside where I want the light to cast on the card.

Easy, peasy! Cheapy, cheapy! And I can take cards in the middle of the night - or in my case during the winter which more or less means that it's pitch black here :)


Crafty Chris said...

Brilliant idea saves on going out and spending a fortune, Christine x

Kylie said...

Great money saver. Clever Chickie aren't you!

Kylie ox