Monday, 21 September 2009

Server down

This is what happens when my World of Warcraft server is down. Took a plain wooden frame and painted it with sand paint, distressed a background paper and made a new sign for the upstairs bathroom. "Oh great", Amanda said, a kitty also so the cats know it's their bathroom too :). Well, if the cats didn't know already their litter box was in there a sign would hardly help...

Sorry for the flash, I'm totally blaming the camera.


  1. Haha, I can only remember with fondness how horrible it was when a server was down - then you went to the realm's forums to whine about blizz's abhor service level, and ask "Is it up yet?" :D I read you through feed reader, so first before actually reading the text I thought you had written "Bad" because the server was down, as in "bad Blizzard" ;D

  2. Hey! :-) really nice scrap booking u have there! how do u do it? :-)


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